Call Of The Night
Call Of The Night 1x01 Review - "1st Night: First Flight"

So, I know I'm super late but I finally got around to watching the first Call Of The Night episode. I wasn't sure what to expect from this unusual vampire anime, but it certainly wasn't this. For starters, it wasn't as perverted as I thought it was going to be, considering the rest of HIDIVE's selection. The art style for the characters is nice, even if the animation quality jumps around a little. With that being said, the show, generally speaking, looks good but you can tell they put some extra effort in when the main female character was undressing. These are all pretty typical anime things, but in a season of, in my opinion, mediocre anime, Call Of The Night stands out for being unique. Well, maybe not super unique but unique enough that I'm enjoying it.

This episode does what most first episodes strive to do and introduces our characters. One one hand we have Ko Yamori, a pretty boring looking guy. He doesn't really stand out, he doesn't have any special powers. The most interesting thing about him is he turns down a love confession in the first few minutes of the episode.

He sneaks out late at night to enjoy what the night has to offer. Nothing too crazy. He swings in the park and hurts himself, then buys a beer despite being only fourteen. That's where our second character comes in. Nazuna Nanakusa is our vampire for the show, and while Ko doesn't seem excited by anything... she seems excited by everything.

Nazuna has a very carefree attitude, calling Ko out for not being able to sleep. She shows him an entirely new world as they explore the city at night before she invites him back to her place. It's not what you think though. She wants to help Ko sleep, though we'll soon learn she has her own motivations.

Right as she believes Ko is drifting off to sleep she bites him and drinks his blood. This leads to the admission that she's a vampire as well as to the revelation that humans only turn into a vampire if they are bitten by a vampire they are in love with. They spend the rest of the night together, and she even takes Ko flying.

Ko decides he wants to be a vampire, which finally sets up the premise of the whole show. He claims earlier in the episode he doesn't like girls (which Nazuna takes as him being gay, saying she supports him. Not gonna lie, I cracked a smile). But it seems more like he's been bullied by girls, or something. It wasn't fully clear to me.

Regardless, we have our premise.

Ko is a slightly boring character so far, but I suspect he's kind of supposed to be. I'm excited at the idea of Nazuna helping him come out of his shell and find some true enjoyment out of life.

Nazuna, on the other hand, is a hoot. I like her a lot. She's carefree, funny, and just a fun character. She becomes incredibly shy when talking about love, which I find quite charming considering she's an immortal vampire.

The opening and ending songs were both very good, the animation was solid though inconsistent at times and I don't have any big complaints. My big worry going forward is that Ko won't become more interesting, but I can't bash this first episode for that.

Call Of The Night isn't going to be the next My Dress Up Darling, but based on this first episode, I'd say it has some serious potential. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the night catching up with Nazuna. If I'm lucky, maybe I can become a vampire too.

Call Of The Night can be watched on HIDIVE. There are currently five episode available.

Alexander Ouellet
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.