Bayonetta 3
The New Bayonetta 3 Trailer is Awesome and Finally Has Gameplay!

Bayonetta 3 was announced forever ago and then kind of vanished, leaving fans confused and angry. Okay, maybe it wasn't all that dramatic, but people really have been waiting to get a Bayonetta 3 update. Thankfully, we got one during the Nintendo Direct on Thursday. We got a release window, a trailer and that trailer even features some gameplay! The newest entry in the franchise from developer Platinum Games and publisher Sega looks awesome! It looks like more Bayonetta, which is definitely hard to complain about. Especially if you enjoy action games.

Okay, so now you probably want to see that trailer. Don't worry, I've got you covered. I'm going to go ahead and put it right under this paragraph. Make sure you check it out, it really is pretty cool. It's got that specific... Bayonetta vibe.

So, yeah, the trailer opens and all hell is breaking loose. There's a giant monster, it's attacking the city and obviously, these regular people just can't fight it. I'm pretty sure if they tried killing it without any assistance they would all end up dead. Thankfully, Bayonetta shows up and that's where we finally get to see some gameplay. It has everything you might expect, which is to say fast-paced action. After some fighting that's where things get a little crazier because Bayonetta summons her own monster. Then it's a monster on the monster fight but we don't see much of that because the trailer ends.

Now, this whole trailer has led me to believe we'll be able to summon a monster to fight other monsters. I admit I don't know too much about Bayonetta. In fact, mainly I know her from Smash. I've always thought the games looked good, but like Kirby, I've never really played any of those games. That might change for both these properties after seeing the Bayonetta 3 trailer and the Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer earlier. I think this is the first Bayonetta game that will have something like that, but I could be wrong.

I guess I'll find out when I tackle the first two Bayonetta games. When I finally have time to, anyway.

I understand Bayonetta might not be for everyone, but you gotta be happy for the people who have been waiting at least. Bayonetta 3 was initially announced all the way back in 2017, and since then we've heard almost nothing. We were just told that the game would be shown off when the time was right. I guess the time was right for the Nintendo Direct because fans are super happy!

Although Bayonetta 3 will be a Switch exclusive, it hasn't always been a Nintendo exclusive. When the first Bayonetta game came out in 2009 it releases for the PS3, Xbox 360. It wasn't until 2014, when Bayonetta 2 was released exclusively for the Wii U, that it became a Nintendo property. Though, there was a 4k remaster of the first game released to PS4 and Xbox 1 for the game's tenth year anniversary.

We were not given a full release date, but at least we have a timeframe. You can expect Bayonetta 3 on Nintendo Switch for 2022!

Alexander Ouellet
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.