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Superman And Lois Second Season Teases Multiple Villains

Superman And Lois was my favorite show of 2020, and that's not by a small margin. Now, I might be biased because I'm actually a huge Superman fan, but luckily I wasn't the only one. Superman And Lois got consistently high reviews and, if we're being honest, looks much better than any other of the Arrowverse shows. Tyler Hoechlin impressed fans as Superman when he first appeared in Supergirl's second season and did so consistently through his own show. The first season was a brilliant take on the Man of Steel. It revealed a more vulnerable side to Clark Kent and instead of highlighting Superman, highlighted Clark Kent and his bumbling attempts at fatherhood. It was a far more personal story than expected and made for the best Arrowverse show to date. In my opinion anyway. Now, the Superman And Lois showrunner is teasing that the second season might have multiple villains!

It was in a recent interview with Gamesradar's SFX magazine that Todd Helbing revealed this fascinating piece of information. Whoever this villain, or these villains, are they will be a serious problem for Clark and probably his family as well.

"The fans are going to know the path we are going down really quickly. In a really good way, the Superman issue he has is driving the issues he has as a father. This is a particular villain, that the more I talk about the more people are going to figure out who it is. But Superman is dealing with an enemy that is going to be a massive headache for him." Helbing told the outlet.
The showrunner of Superman And Lois went on to say "There are multiple villains, really. Both villains affect Clark and Lois personally. We start out with one villain that is really more Superman while setting up the Lois villain. They are not working together, but they handoff in a cool way this season. One of them comes to the forefront and, in a lot of ways, is more powerful than the other one. It will take the whole team, in a different way than last year, to stop this person."

So, obviously, Helbing isn't quite ready to reveal who these villains are. I don't think that's too much of a big deal though. Superman And Lois is actually returning in just a couple of weeks here, so we'll know who these villains are sooner rather than later. On another note, the first episode of the season will be titled "What Lies Beneath" and I've got the synopsis for you right below here.

GREGORY SMITH ("EVERWOOD") DIRECTS THE SEASON TWO PREMIERE – Season two opens with the dust still settling in Smallville following the shocking outcome of the confrontation between Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner, "Tyrant") and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark struggle as a couple while Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) adjusts to running The Smallville Gazette with Lois. Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) faces new challenges on the football field, and secrets threaten to destroy Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Sarah's (Inde Navarrette) growing relationship. Meanwhile, Kyle (Erik Valdez) grows concerned over Lana's (Emmanuelle Chriqui) involvement with a new mayoral candidate. Lastly, John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) and his daughter Natalie (Tayler Buck) attempt to make this new Earth their home. The episode was directed by Gregory Smith and written by Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing.

Superman And Lois is back on January 11th on The CW.

Alexander Ouellet
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.