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Komi Can't Communicate Episode One Review "I Want To Talk!" - A beautiful, Creative Heartwarming Introduction to Komi-San!

Komi Can't Communicate is finally here! Well, kind of... what I mean is the first episode has aired in Japan. Now, there are some ways international fans can watch it too, they're just not exactly legal. I, myself, checked out a fansub of the first episode and loved it. With that being said, if you'd rather wait Komi Can't Communicate will be hitting Netflix in a few weeks. I was too excited and I had to see it now! I've been waiting a little while for this one, and Komi's special brand of wholesomeness is just what I needed after a rough time. So, was the first episode everything I wanted? Yes, actually. And more! Watching Komi Can't Communicate episode 1 is like being wrapped in a warm hug. It just leaves you feeling good, happy, and like maybe you shouldn't give up on the world. Let's not forget the fact that the anime itself is gorgeous, funny and I think even inspirational. That's why I couldn't wait to watch it, and why I want to talk about it right now!

For those who don't know, Komi Can't Communicate follows Komi and her goal to make 100 friends. She has her new friend Tadano to help her with that. Komi suffers from selective mutism (I believe) and can't bring herself to talk in front of people. Because of this, she doesn't have any friends. Her dream is to make one hundred friends, and this first episode is used mainly to set up her goals and her friendship with Tadano. Will it end up being romantic? Yeah, probably, but it'll probably be so freaking cute. Before I talk about the actual episode, I quickly want to mention that the opening song/video is also amazing. It's a real bop, so make sure not to skip this one. Honestly, the opening of an anime is incredibly important to me. Not as much as the content of the show, but the opening sort of sets the mood, y'know?

What about the episode though?

Well, I'm not super familiar with the Komi manga. I've read some of it, only a few volumes, and really enjoyed it. It's just not something I've been able to keep up with. With that being said I've always liked Komi as a character, and the whole story surrounding her. The art style is unique enough that I don't really have anything to compare it to. The best part, though, is the fact that the anime manages to capture both the serious and silly sides of the Komi Can't Communicate art. There's something so very endearing about seeing Komi shift from that serious look into something far more vulnerable and scared.

There was one aspect, even beyond the animation though that lured me into this animated version of everyone's favorite mute girl. The sound and music in Komi Can't Communicate are just incredible. The way the music shifts with Komi's demeanor is spectacular, and really helps us understand her as a character. The energetic themes that play when she's terrified, and the melancholic tune that plays as she tells Tadano her story was wonderful. But it's what they do with the sound effects that push it to another level. The way the words for the sounds going on, the onomatopoeia I guess, pop off the screen in huge characters is brilliant. It's no wonder that sound plays such a huge role in setting the stage for an anime about a girl who can't speak.

As I said above, this episode serves mainly to set up what we can expect from the season. In terms of plot, nothing huge happens but that's to be expected. There were some seriously funny moments, though, I have to admit! Like Komi being asked to introduce herself, and everyone is impressed when she says nothing and writes her name on the chalkboard instead. Or her emotionally writing her story on the chalkboard as she seemingly sobs... only for it to be revealed she actually had the hiccups.

It's all just so... freaking... cute. And what's nice about Komi Can't Communicate is if you enjoyed this first episode, I can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy the rest of the series. I think, anyway. There are no big fight scenes, no monsters or demons to fight. This is just the simple story of a girl who wants to make a hundred friends. This is something you can turn on every week and just feel good about.

I can't wait to see Komi overcome her communication issue. I'm hooked. It's cute, it's funny, it's brilliantly made, and has some awesome, unique aspects... it's everything I wanted from a Komi Can't Communicate anime.

Hopefully, you guys join me for the episode every week. And I'd love to know what you thought of the episode, so why don't you find the Multiversal News social media and come let me know?

I'll see you next week when we catch up with Komi again.

Alexander Ouellet
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.
Alexander is passionate about everything related to gaming, comics, television, and film. You can usually find him watching some kind of DC show.